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true client connect

an online pre-production tool

***STAY TUNED...CLIENT CONNECT IS GETTING A FRESH NEW LOOK!*** TRUE Client Connect is an online tool created just for you, our client. This fun interactive website successfully saves both time and money by bringing designers and clients to the same page (literally) regarding abstract visual descriptions before beginning a project. By providing visual talking points for the language we use, designers and clients can communicate more specifically about the goals and desires for each design.

"It has been a luxury to work with Christina, a first-rate designer who is professional, patient and always ensures our brand messaging is on point. Guests and clients frequently complement on our logo design and various marketing materials."


Gallery Forty-Two

"Christina has been absolutely amazing to work with on developing our marketing strategy and website for the Carmel Christlkindlmarkt. She is an exceptional communicator. Her eye for design and understanding of marketing and branding has been vital for helping our not for profit. She has exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled to recommend her."


Carmel Christkindlmarkt